About Anne-Marie

Anne-Marie has been blessed with a natural interest and aptitude in artistic expression. As a youth, she took to painting and photography as a way of expressing and learning more about her inner talents. As she grew, she was introduced to both the world of film and business thanks to family and friends. 

Her career as a make-up artist began by experimenting in costume and occasion make-up. She built a reputation during her high school years as someone that could make you look either as scary as they come or as beautiful as a princess (or prince). Anne-Marie did stage and make-up effects for student theatre as a volunteer, shadowed and assisted professional make-up artists for wedding parties and at age 17 was already being paid to do make-up for an educational film production


Driven by a desire to learn and achieve she took many courses about the film and media industry offered by the South Vancouver Island Film and Media Commission before her 18th birthday. Right after graduation from high school she moved to Vancouver, BC to formalize her make-up training and graduated with a diploma in Makeup Design for Film & Television from the prestigious Vancouver Film School. She has been working on several small independent productions to date, providing much needed skills all the while continuing to build her knowledge around the complexities of film making.

One of Anne-Marie’s passions has involved glamour make-up. Her caring and kind nature earned her the nickname “mother” from her make-up training classmates (even though she was one of the youngest in the class). Her comfortable and respectful approach with models helps make the process and outcome something that all enjoy. She has a keen desire and talent to help both women and men uncover the incredible beauty that often they are unaware they can present. She has spent countless hours working with models, individuals and photographers helping glamour and personal photography sessions complete with incredible outcomes.

Anne-Marie currently resides in Vancouver, BC but is available to travel for glamour, wedding, film and media sessions or productions.

If your project or production is based out of Victoria BC, an accommodation per-diem IS NOT required.